Saturday, April 6, 2013

Throw me over board

THAT'S that tempo - but the verses are omited

God rode on a windstorm
God rode on a windstorm
God rode on a windstorm
and he troubled everybody's mind..

God told Jonah, "Got to Nineveh land,
And preach the gospel to the heathen man.
If he don't repent in forty days,
I'll do away with his wicked ways."
Jonah went down to the seashore,
Made up his mind which way he'd go.
Boarded a ship, paid his fare.
God got angry with ol' Jonah right there.
Ship got wrecked, came untied.
The people on board became troubled in mind.
They searched the ship, way down deep,
Found ol' Jonah fast asleep.
They said "Wake up, stranger! Tell us your name!"
"My name is Jonah, I'm fleeing from where I came.
All of the trouble is on 'count of me.
Throw me overboard and let the ship go free!"

Throw me overboard, I got a hiding place

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